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Aftercare Programs
The Aftercare Program at RHOW House was designed for those individuals who have completed formalized chemical dependency drug alcohol treatment. Additionally, it serves as a group where individuals can openly discuss their day to day experiences on a regular basis. The Aftercare Program is also a source of information and referral if a person is experiencing difficulty in the recovery process. The Program continues to refine drug alcohol recovery plans and monitors post treatment progress.

  • RHOW House Aftercare will provide an opportunity for all graduating clients to be involved in a program in which there is ongoing support for an unlimited period of time. This program is designed to protect sobriety, provide for and promote long lasting recovery.
  • The vision of RHOW House is to take the concept of Relapse as being an accepted part of Recovery as being a myth that must and will be broken.
  • “It is absolutely possible to take the Relapse out of Recovery.”
  • Each client will clearly learn to identify their individual and specific relapse signs and symptoms and develop effective methods of management.
  • Aftercare groups will utilize group therapy, coaching, education, peer interaction and homework assignments that are designed to enable the client to clearly identify and overcome any potential obstacles to developing a recovery lifestyle.
  • Employment problems or stresses will be addressed and resolved – Aftercare will focus on consolidating the progress that has been achieved and facilitating a strong recovery lifestyle.
  • Aftercare will enable the client to learn effective methods to manage or reduce Stress.
  • Aftercare will assist the client with maintaining Medication management and compliance.